Research Areas

Below is a selection of topics on which we published papers. Our research has been featured internationally by Ars Technica, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Forbes, The Verge, WIRED, and ZDNet, and appeared in German-speaking news like Der Spiegel, Der Standard, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Tagesschau, and was shown in documentaries by STRG_F and NZZ, and even appeared in a TV game show.

User Authentication

User Authentication
  • Passwordless (FIDO2 & biometric WebAuthn & Passkeys)
  • Passwords (Strength, Recovery, Management, Quantum ...)
  • Mobile Authentication (PINs, Patterns, Biometrics)
  • Notifications (Login & Risk-based, Reuse, 2FA)
  • Access Control (Smart Home & IoT)
  • Alternative Schemes (Implicit Memory, Gamification)

Usable Privacy

Privacy Controls
  • Online Behavioral Advertising (Controls & Dashboards)
  • Disruptive Technologies (Smart Speakers & Mobile Apps)
  • Secure Communication (Messenger & Email Encryption)